What is SKVC recognition, why do you need it to study in Lithuania and how to acquire it?

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The SKVC stands for the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education in Lithuania. This institution recognizes high school documents and confirms that these documents are legit.

The applicant needs to go through the process of SKVC when applying for any higher education institution in Lithuania. The recognition is done before receiving the admission decision.

Why is it important?

According to the Lithuanian government rules, if your documents are not recognized by SKVC, you cannot be considered a student. In this case, you will not be able to get a student card, receive a scholarship, or apply for the Erasmus+ programme, but most importantly, you will not be able to receive the diploma and defend your Final Thesis.

How do I go through the process?

The SKVC is free of charge.
Check the country specific requirements HERE.

What do I need to prepare regardless of the country?

- Application form filled on SKVC website;

- High school documents, like diploma and academic transcripts or similar documents;

- International Passport;

- Proof of purpose issued by SMK, requested via admission@smk.lt (after your application fee payment is confirmed).

Open SKVC page.
On the right top press Log in > New User > Register via EPE.
You have to fill out your personal data and confirm it via your personal email.

Start your application for recognition by filling in the qualification information, such as your secondary school diplomas etc. If you have several diplomas from different years (e.g. from the middle school and high school), you would need to upload middle school diploma first, then select a field “Next qualification” and upload the high school diploma afterwards. After you filled in the information, press next. You will be brought to a page, where you need to upload several documents.

N.B. In the Proof of Purpose field, upload a copy of your passport.

Save the registration number after the submission of your documents. Indicate the registration number in the SMK application form and send an email with your registration number to admission@smk.lt

Can the agent apply for SKVC for me?

We request the applicants to apply for recognition independently, as the applicants are responsible for their SKVC after they have been accepted.

If you still find this process challenging, you can also watch this video on how to apply for SKVC, or contact the SMK international office at admission@smk.lt.

16 Mar 2023