Finding Accommodation in Vilnius

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If you have been accepted to study at SMK, now it is time for you to find accommodation in Vilnius and get excited about exploring this wonderful, vibrant and modern city in the center of Europe!

There are plenty of accommodation options for international students in Vilnius. It is your own responsibility to find accommodation in Vilnius prior to your arrival. However, if you are having a hard time finding accommodation, we will assist you in the search process.

Below please find the most popular options for student accommodation.

The prices of accommodation in Vilnius are around 100 – 160 Eur/person (including the utilities) in the dormitories, and the prices for apartments start from 280 Eur/month without utilities.

SMK partner’s dormitory

It costs 160 euros/month per person to stay in a double room (utilities are included in the fee). Every room has its own bathroom; there is a shared kitchen in the corridor. You can reserve a place in advance by paying a 50 euro deposit. There is also a one-month deposit and 20 euros’ fee for the entry card required.

In order for us to know the demand for rooms, and in case there will be no places left in the above-mentioned dormitory, we will try to look for other ones if you have filled the form.

The places in the dormitory are very limited, so we ask you to notify us about your decision immediately. Please contact

Co-living projects

You may choose from a few different projects throughout the city. Co-living student apartments offer you benefits like a gym, big terraces, and private events for residents, movie rooms, etc., included in the price. Also, they are really flexible with the dates.

- The closest one to the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences – liv-in. As an SMK student, you get a 10% discount.

- Nice co-living place in the city center Chapters

Facebook groups for finding accommodation in Vilnius

- Erasmus Vilnius 2021-2022
- Butu nuoma Vilniuje be tarpininku (meaning: “apartment rent without agent’s fee”).

Most popular websites to search for accommodation


27 Oct 2021