SMK University of Applied Social Sciences is offering two scholarship programmes to our 1st-year students that you can apply for during the application process. Find all the information below about the requirements and other options for tuition fee reductions.

In order to receive any scholarship, it is MANDATORY to have the SKVC      (by Lithuanian ENIC/NARIC) recognition of your documents before the scholarship application deadline.   

Read more about getting your documents recognized here.


Citizens of the following countries can apply:

  •  Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova

Criteria for being considered for the scholarship:

  • Qualification recognition from SKVC being done before the deadline;
  • Be a citizen of one of the Eastern Partnership countries;
  • Average school graduation grade – 8,0 (80% out of 100%);
  • Payment of the application fee has to be attached.


The scholarship applies only for the first year of studies, after that students can apply for other scholarship programmes.

Criteria for getting the scholarship:

  • Average school graduation grade – 8,5 (85% out of 100%);
  • Qualification recognition from SKVC being done before the deadlines;
  • Complete the scholarship assignment;
  • English language level B2 (with proof of IELTS, TOEFL certificates, or by passing a language test at SMK);

Application fee is paid and the receipt is attached to the application.


This scholarship is given for one semester of studies for the applicants of the business management study sphere, with a chance of reapplying for other semesters in the future if a student meets all the criteria later on.

  • Be an applicant of one of the following programmes - International Business, Marketing and Advertising, Tourism and Recreation, Finance and Investment Management
  • Qualification recognition from SKVC being done before the deadline;
  • Write a motivational letter “Why am I eligible for this scholarship?”
  • Average school graduation grade – 8,0 (80% out of 100%);
  • Payment of the application fee has to be attached.


Spring semester: 20th of January

Fall semester: 20th of August

The applications or other additional documents submitted later than deadlines will not be reviewed.

Please, make sure that you have attached all required documents to your application.

For more information about scholarship applications please contact


- 10 % reduction for family members of SMK students or alumni;

The sibling discount of 10% will be awarded to the next sibling studying at SMK when both family members attend the University at the same time, or if the other sibling has graduated from SMK University of Applied Social Sciences previously.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicant must complete the application form with the certified birth certificates of both siblings for the discount to be granted;
  • The discount takes effect from the date of submission of the application and relevant documents;
  • A sibling relationship is defined as either brother or sister;
  • This discount will be provided for the whole study period which is equal to a 10 % discount from the semester fee;
  • The awarded discount is not transferrable for cash, nor refundable, and cannot be transferred to a non-sibling;
  • The applicant should have an SKVC recognition certificate;
  • The decision to award the sibling discount will make by the Manager of International studies at SMK University of Applied Social Sciences.

Please contact for more information and application for a sibling discount.

- 30 % for the second SMK Bachelor's degree studies;

- up to 50% SMK Tuition Fee Reduction for the best and most active students, eligible ONLY for 2nd and 3rd-year SMK students.