TRP process - how does it work?

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You can come to Lithuania on the basis of your studies.
With the recent changes, you should choose to apply for a temporary residence permit (TRP) which is usually issued for 2 years.

From July 1st, foreign students can only apply for Temporary Residence Permits. The option of National Visa D is no longer valid for foreign students.


Please, keep in mind, that you can start gathering the needed documents from the moment you are given a conditional acceptance, however, the mediation code will be sent to you upon request after the final acceptance.

First of all, you must fill out the application for issuing or changing a temporary residence permit electronically through the Lithuanian Migration Information System
and attach digital copies of the documents to this application. After completing the application and reserving the visit time through MIGRIS, within 4 months from the date of submission of the application through MIGRIS, you must personally apply for the issuance (or change) of a temporary residence permit and submit biometric data and original documents. The following documents need to be attached to the application:

1. Valid travel document (passport) for at least 2 years;

2. Documents justifying the issuance of a temporary residence permit:
• The mediation letter number submitted by the higher education institution through the Lithuanian Migration Information System (MIGRIS) (indicated through MIGRIS when filling out the application for a temporary residence permit); It is issued for you by SMK after you make the tuition fee payment and upon your request at

3. Confirmation of your place of residence; (We recommend to select the option of declaring it one month after receiving your TRP card and arriving in Lithuania)

4. Certificate of (non) conviction in the country where you have been living for the past 2 years for over 6 months period of stay;
Please, keep in mind, that some countries require double legalisation of this certificate, therefore, please check on the VFS website whether you need it.

5. Health insurance (must be valid for the entire period of validity of the requested temporary residence permit or for at least one year); insurance coverage must be at least 6,000 EUR and cover Lithuania.

6. A document proving the sufficient amount of living and return funds. The amount of living funds is 0.5 of the minimum monthly salary for one month, and the amount of funds for returning to the country of origin or a foreign country to which you have the right to go is 1 minimum monthly salary.
The minimum monthly salary in Lithuania is now 924 Eur according to the migration department.

Approximately, it is 6 468 Eur or more that should be stated in your bank account.

7. You must pay the fee for the acceptance, examination, decision-making, and issuance of the temporary residence permit application at the VFS center during an appointment:
- general procedure – 60 EUR.

Decisions on temporary residence permits are made and temporary residence permits are issued through:

- general procedure – within 2 months;

If you are currently not in Lithuania, you can submit your documents for a Temporary Residence Permit through the closest VFS center.



27 Jul 2023