Business Management Scholarship


This scholarship is given for one semester of studies for the applicants of the business management study sphere, with a chance of reapplying for other semesters in the future if a student meets all the criteria later on.

You need to select the option "I would like to apply for Business Management Scholarship" while filling out your application.

Criteria for receiving the scholarship:

  • Be an applicant for one of the following programs :
    International Business
    - Marketing and Advertising,
    - Tourism and Recreation,
    - Finance and Investment Management,
    - Sustainable Business and Green Technologies,
    - Business Building and Management,
    - Future Business and Innovations,
    - International Trade and Customs Logistics,
  • Write a motivational letter “Why am I eligible for this scholarship?”
  • Average school graduation grade – 8,0 (80% out of 100%);
  • Payment of the application fee has to be attached.


Spring semester: 20th of January

Fall semester: 20th of August

The applications or other additional documents submitted later than the deadlines will not be reviewed.

Please, make sure that you have attached all required documents to your application.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at