Application fee €150 one-time


Did you know that Design is one of the most versatile activities and an industry with great potential?
Design studies at SMK combine design and management competencies. Here you will study the
needs of customers, create products for them and learn to turn these products into reality.
After studies you will:
-be able to generate product design ideas and conceptions individually and in a team, predict
implementation methods, visual resolution and technological means and provide clients with
professional solutions to design problems, foreseeing further possibilities for the
development of ideas;
-by analyzing the relationships between the designed object and the environment, you will be
able to sketch product design objects, purposefully apply artistic means of expression, newly
emerging media and innovative technologies, rely on modern design practices and trends to
reveal the results of professional activities in creative industries and visual culture;
-with the help of personal creative practice, you will be able to design product design objects
and their systems, use advanced creative and technological tools to review design
innovations at the national and international levels and predict effective ways of presenting
marketing and communication tools.

Programme structure

You will study:
-Design Basics
-Computer Graphics and Design
-3D Modeling
-Design and Technology
-Materials Research and Production Processes
-Product Design Project
-Eco Design/Environmental protection

Career opportunities

- You will be able to work in the food and beverage industries that use design, in technological companies, companies in the textile industry, in the field of medicine and beauty, in companies operating in the furniture industry, in design companies;
- Freelancer in Lithuanian and foreign creative and art incubators, creators’ association.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment