Double legalisation

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When a document is issued in a country, that has not acceded to the Hague Convention, the document issued abroad must be legalized not only at the institution of the local country, which is responsible for the legalization of the documents for their use abroad but also at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania or at the Lithuanian Embassy.

From 01.01.2024 applications for TRP require to have double legalisation on the non-conviction certificates.

Double legalization from abroad:

To legalize documents you need to contact the Lithuanian Embassy in your country or in the country where you can travel to.

The consular tax for the legalization of 1 document is 20 Euros.

When submitting documents for legalization, please include the following:

- Police clearance certificate/non-conviction document;
- Notarised copy of a valid passport or other identity document in case the documents are submitted via courier
- a free-form request (an application with the following information: the country in which the legalised document is to be submitted and applicant’s contact details (e-mail address and telephone No)
- a copy of a bank transfer or a payment receipt for legalisation of a document (consular fee for legalisation of one document – 20 EUR). The applicant also pays the courier service costs if requests the legalised document to be retrieved by the courier.

Documents have to be orderly and readable. If the document consists of a few pages, they have to be affixed or sewn together.

IMPORTANT! If the payment is made using a bank transfer online, please approve the payment at the bank and provide a bank receipt.

Please, find more information and payment details on the official website.

10 Jan 2024